High wire

...a talented singer with an attractive voice... [Donna] excels on such material as Chick Corea’s “High Wire” and Joni Mitchell’s “River,” singing lyrics with sensitivity and honest feeling... High Wire will be enjoyed by fans of warm jazz-inspired vocals.” - Scott Yanow


I regularly read obituaries on the demise of the American song canon. So why is it that so many of best and smartest younger singers -- the real virtuosos who actually can sing -- keep doing them?  Without getting nostalgic or academic about it, Donna Deussen nails a dozen ASCAP beauties on her High Wire CD with cool assurance.  A bright voice under the control of an agile musicianship and wise good taste.” - John McDonough

— (writer for Downbeat)

“Two Thumbs WAYYY Up! This is easily one of the most enjoyable CD's I've heard all year...I hear a lot and don't get the urge to write about many, but I just have to spread the word on this one. Donna gets it ALL exactly right; her pitch, rhythm, and most importantly her feel for these songs is right on target as she sings in a variety of styles. Her voice is always pleasing, and she gets vocally creative without wandering into diva territory. Her backing trio is powerfully subtle, lending support and flexing their own muscles while staying true to the composition. Great production makes a perfect blending of all the elements. Highlights? Every track! I'll be spinning this one a LOT, and recommend it very highly.”” - Bob Muller

— CDBaby.com

... on “Blues in the Night”, Donna struts through this tune like she owns it. This is the blues the way it ought to be presented... on "Blues Skies," Irving Berlin somewhere is nodding appreciatively in Donna Deussen's direction. On "With Every Breath I Take" Donna Deussen shines like an aurora borealis... Her phrasing is impeccable, her tone is clear, and a joy to the ear of the discerning listener. 5 Stars” - John Gilbert

— EJazzNews.com